Measures Against COVID-19

We have adapted bhive to the new normal to provide a safe environment for bouldering. We have outlined these measures below and would appreciate it if you took the time to read it carefully. While some of these measures might be an inconvenience to you, we need your cooperation to ensure everyone’s safety.


  • Temperature checks: All customers and staff will be subject to temperature checks upon entering. Those with temperatures higher than 37.5 will be asked to leave.

  • Health declaration: All customers and staff must submit a health declaration at every visit.

  • Maximum capacity: Maximum capacity is 30 climbers (30% operational capacity).

  • Referral system for medical and psychological services

    • COVID-19 Hotlines

      • (02) 894-26843 (COVID)

      • 1555 (Smart)

    • Crisis Hotline (National Center for Mental Health)

      • Landline: 1553

      • Globe: 0917-899-8727 (USAP)

      • Smart: 0908-639-2672

    • Makati Health & Medical

      • 168 or (02) 8236-5790

    • Mood Harmony: Makati Medical Center Support Group for Mood Disorders

      • (02) 8844-2941

Minimum Public Health Standards

  • Mask policy: All customers and staff must wear masks at all times except while drinking or eating. Masks must be worn while bouldering. Based on our own experience, we suggest wearing surgical masks for easier breathing.

  • Foot bath: All customers and staff must disinfect their shoes using the foot bath.

  • Frequent handwashing: Everyone is required to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after climbing.

  • Physical distancing: Everyone must maintain a distance of at least 1.5m at all times. We know this is a big adjustment for the climbing community but please keep your distance from others including your friends, partner, etc. and air TSEK!

  • Physical distancing markers: “X” marks the spot. These markers are placed throughout the entire gym to maintain physical distancing while queuing, climbing, etc.

  • One-way flow: There is a defined one-way path that begins at the kids wall and ends at the comp wall. This is to help avoid close contact with others while in the bouldering area which is limited in space.

  • Sectors within the bouldering area: The different sectors are clearly marked with white velcro. Only one climber is allowed on the wall per sector. There are X markers in some sectors to indicate where you can wait for your turn on the wall.

  • Routesetting: We have adjusted the way we routeset to allow more space in between problems. Be mindful of other climbers and keep at least 2m distance on the wall. 


  • Ventilation: One door will be open at all times. To increase the exchange of air in between time slots, all doors will be opened and a fan will be placed by the entrance for 30 minutes. This allows us to air out the gym.

  • Air conditioning: The airconditioning will be set to 26°C with high fan speeds. The louvers of the air conditioning units will be in an upward position.

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ): We are now monitoring CO2 levels in the gym. CO2 concentration shall not exceed 1000 ppm. Once it reaches 800ppm, the staff will open all doors for better air circulation and continue monitoring until the levels have dropped.

  • Liquid chalk only: Only the use of liquid chalk will be allowed. Liquid chalk is a mix of alcohol (usually at least 50%, depending on the brand) and chalk. The use of liquid chalk will also improve air quality within the gym.

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Disinfection of walls: The walls will be sprayed with disinfectant solution every morning before opening.

  • Rental shoes: After rental shoes are used, they will be disinfected with 70% rubbing alcohol and will not be rented out again for three days. We encourage those renting shoes to wear socks.

  • Masks and other infectious waste: A separate trash can will be provided for proper collection, treatment and disposal.
  • Climbing holds: The climbing holds will be soaked in a vinegar solution and thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer.