Our Facility

Whether you’re an experienced climber or someone seeking a fun and engaging activity, The Bouldering Hive offers something for everyone. It is the perfect spot for an engaging, community-driven activity after work or on the weekends! We designed this gym to help foster a community. It’s become a place where people gather multiple times a week to meet friends and push themselves or just have fun.

Located at the Upper Ground Floor at Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, The Bouldering Hive offers:

  • 400 sqm of climbing walls including a 37.5 degree spray wall
  • Co-working area with free Wi-Fi
  • Lockers, showers (currently closed) and changing areas
  • Water refilling station
  •  Bouldering courses and training

We have implemented numerous measures to provide climbers with a safe environment against COVID-19:

  • The Bouldering Hive only allows visitors above the age of 18-years-old, in compliance with IATF guidelines 
  • Time slots are allotted per day to reduce the risk of exposure among visitors 
  • There are 30 minute breaks in between each slot to sanitize the gym
  • Masks must be worn at all times and are freely available from the staff
  • All climbers must submit health declarations and temperature checks upon entry
  • All climbers must sanitize their hands before and after every climb
  • Climbing walls and holds are routinely disinfected every day
  • Only liquid chalk (a mixture of climbing chalk and alcohol) is permitted on-site to keep hands dry and minimize bacterial exposure
  • All showers are currently closed and unavailable for use