Bouldering 101

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that neither requires the use of a rope nor a harness because of the lower walls. The only gear you need are climbing shoes and chalk. Feel free to go as high as you want and simply climb down, or jump down if the height doesn’t bother you! You can trust our safety mats to provide you with a soft landing.

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Bouldering is as much playing as it is working out

Bouldering is simple and fun enough that you don’t even realize it is a total body workout–you’ll be using your fingers, arms, shoulders, core, legs and even toes! Here are other reasons why bouldering is the perfect way to stay fit while still having fun:

  • It comes in every level of difficulty

  • It enhances strength and flexibility

  • It improves motor skills and intramuscular coordination

  • It is a technique-based sport

  • It stimulates the brain

Individual or group activity

What we love most about bouldering is that it can be enjoyed alone or in groups. 

Going solo? Just put on your climbing shoes and hop on the wall! You’ll probably make a new friend since the climbing community is so inviting.

Going in a group? You don’t all need to be at the same skill level. There are bouldering problems of different difficulties scattered all throughout the gym. This allows you to share each other’s highs and lows! Be sure to grab a round of drinks at our bistro after a good bouldering session!